Teeth Cleaning in Midtown NY

Dental cleanings versus periodontal cleanings in Midtown NY

Teeth cleaning in Midtown NY

Teeth cleaning in Midtown NY

Periodontal cleanings differ from dental (teeth ) cleanings in that they go more deeply than teeth cleanings do. Both have the same goal: to remove the hazardous plaque and tartar from between your teeth, your gum pockets, and from between teeth and gums. At Cosmopolitan Dental, we can help you avoid the need for a periodontal cleaning if you come in every six months for our teeth cleaning in Midtown NY.

Plaque is a filmy bacterial substance that grows on and between teeth. Brushing and flossing wash away most of it, but some can remain out of reach. There it hardens into tartar, which has the same effect as plaque, but cannot be effectively eliminated with at-home oral hygiene. When you come in for your six month dental exam, you will get our teeth cleaning in Midtown NY. It eradicates all of the plaque and tartar. Furthermore, if you showing any indications of early stage gum disease, it will reverse them. In stubborn cases, a second cleaning might be required. But a dental cleaning keeps gum disease from progressing. Periodontal cleanings are needed when gum disease reaches an advanced stage due to the fact that plaque and tartar have not been sufficiently addressed. Instead of the mild signs of the early stage, redness and irritation, you are likely to notice bleeding when you brush, receding gums, persistent bad breath, loss of gum and bone tissue, and maybe loose teeth. A periodontal cleaning will dig down to the roots to get at the offending plaque and tartar. It is typically the final line of defense before you end up losing teeth.

Since it is so simple and painless, why not schedule our teeth cleaning in Midtown NY right now? It is one of the very best strategies for maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums.

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