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Tooth decay is serious business. While it is one of the more common dental ailments, that does not make it any less dangerous or painful. Some early cavities may not yield any pain or other noticeable symptoms, but when the tooth root has become infected then you definitely will. When the root of a tooth becomes inflamed, the nerve ending is affected, causing pain that is quite difficult to ignore. If this occurs, then root canal therapy is needed to treat the issue and our Murray Hill root canal dentist here at Cosmopolitan Dental is here to help.

Murray Hill Root Canal Infection

Murray Hill Root Canal Infection

Regular visits to your dentist can help identify cavities before they affect other areas, such as the tooth root. Sometimes a cavity can develop between visits and goes unnoticed until the root canal is affected. No matter what the reason, having this condition treated as soon as possible is crucial for the survival of the tooth. Not only is a root canal infection painful, but if left untreated it can spread to adjacent teeth and the decay can even affect your jawbone. But our Murray Hill root canal dentist, Dr. Garo Nazarian, is here to help. Here at Cosmopolitan Dental, Dr. Nazarian can properly identify whether you need root canal therapy and treat the situation promptly. If your tooth root is infected, Dr. Nazarian will first remove any inflamed tissue and will remove the tooth root. He will then clean out the tooth, ridding it of all infected or decayed areas, leaving behind only healthy portions of the tooth. One this is complete, he will fill in the area so that it cannot become infected again. You may need a dental crown or cap following the procedure to restore the shape of your tooth if necessary.

Root canal therapy is an in-office procedure performed here at Cosmopolitan Dental, but don’t worry, our Murray Hill root canal dentist will make sure the procedure is pain-free. If you feel any of the pain or symptoms associated with root canal infection, such as increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages, chronic pain and headaches, and increased pain when applying and releasing pressure from biting, then feel free to schedule an appointment with us today.

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