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Many people fear the dentist because they believe that it will be painful and scary. But here at Cosmopolitan Dental you can be sure that you and your family are in good hands. Not only can dental care be pain and worry free, but it is incredibly important to your overall health. An annual visit and a biannual cleaning here at our Murray Hill general dentist can help prevent many dental issues and detect any present ones before they become serious. Cavities are a common ailment and can become incredibly painful and dangerous. Make an appointment at Cosmopolitan Dental and have one of our dentists conduct a thorough exam to help ensure that your dental health is at its peak.

10016 Dental Practice

10016 Dental Practice

A cavity is actually tooth decay. It occurs when there is a buildup of plaque and tartar, usually in between the teeth or in the root of the tooth. A cavity is when this tooth decay has caused a hole to form in the surface of the tooth. An untreated cavity will only lead to further tooth decay, may lead to infection of the tooth, root and/or gums, may require root canal treatment and may result in the loss of the tooth entirely. A cavity can be painful but sometimes it may take a little while to feel any symptoms. Having regular visits with our Murray Hill general dentist can help clean your teeth to prevent plaque and tartar build up and can use X-rays and thorough examination to inspect your mouth for any existing cavities. If you do happen to have a cavity, our dentists here at Cosmopolitan Dental can fill your cavity painlessly.

A cavity in the tooth is filled with a composite resin. This will fill the area of decay, stopping further infection and preventing any further food, plaque or tartar from entering the cavity and causing further damage. The composite resin used here at Cosmopolitan Dental is completely natural in appearance and will provide you with a more natural looking smile after the procedure is complete. You won’t have to worry about looking different after having your cavity filled and it will look as if no work had been done. But you will feel the difference and your tooth pain will be gone. Make an appointment here at our Murray Hill general dentist to make sure your mouth is at its healthiest and we here at Cosmopolitan Dentist can make sure it stays that way.

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