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Does eating or drinking very cold or hot foods and drinks set your teeth on edge? Often times our favorite caffeine fixes or end of the day sweets and drinks can cause erosion to the enamel that, while not causing cavities just yet, can still cause teeth to become weakened and sensitive to outside forces. Enamel erosion is just one of the reasons why adults and children alike need to be visiting their local Murray Hill dental office at least twice a year for comprehensive cleanings and examinations that can work to heal your smile and protect it from damage. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff at the Cosmopolitan Dental can provide the fluoride treatments patients of all ages need to maintain beautiful smiles for life.

Dental Care Murray Hill

Dental Care Murray Hill

The mineral known as fluoride is unlike any other natural ingredient currently in use in dental care today. Unlike whitening agents, which only work to brighten the enamel and remove stubborn stains, fluoride works to actively strengthen your teeth. As important as calcium and right vitamins are to your diet, there is simply no other mineral or chemical known today that truly works to strengthen teeth as well as fluoride. This is why only fluoride-based toothpaste passes the ADA or American Dental Association stamp approval for paste that works to fight cavities and strengthen teeth, so be sure to look for the little blue ADA symbol next time you buy your toothpaste from your local pharmacy or supermarket. And while additional fluoride treatments can be purchased over the counter, they should never be used by anyone with the consent of your trusted Murray Hill dental office.

Fluoride treatments should only be used with the approval of your oral health care doctor, no matter what age you are. This is because you may be receiving the care you need in a way you may have never suspected. While you may constantly see stories on the news about the chemicals that are added to your town’s water supply, tap water can also be beneficial to your smile for many of us, as often your town will add fluoride to your drinking water in order to help protect your teeth. In fact, too much fluoride can cause harm to your body, especially in younger patients who are still receiving childhood dental care and education. Be sure to discuss your drinking water with your professional Murray Hill dental office before undergoing any at-home fluoride routine.

Fluoride rinses are a vital part of childhood healthcare, and can be a great benefit to adults too, especially if you smoke or drink coffee on a regular basis. At your neighborhood Murray Hill dental office of the Cosmopolitan Dental you can find the preventative care that works to protect teeth of all ages. Be sure to visit the Cosmopolitan Dental at least every six months to insure a healthy smile for life.

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