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Cosmetic Dentist 10016

Cosmetic Dentist 10016

If you are seeking a Manhattan dental office that can provide you with general and restorative cosmetic dentistry services to restore or enhance your smile, Cosmopolitan Dental offers crowns and bridges as part of their available dental treatments that may be the solution to your smile problem.  At Cosmopolitan Dental, our entire extensively trained and highly professional staff utilizes the latest techniques, materials, tools and technologies to provide our patients with exemplary services, including crowns and bridges, which exceed their expectations.

Cosmopolitan Dental, your Manhattan cosmetic dental office, may opt to use crowns as part of your restorative or cosmetic dentistry treatment.  Your individual needs will be discovered and discussed during an in-office appointment and the following information is offered as a guide.  Dental crowns are individual caps that completely surround your natural tooth that may need encasing due to chipping, decay or other esthetic reasons.  A crown may also be used to seal a tooth and prevent it from breaking following a root canal.  The new surface of your tooth becomes your custom selected crown.  If more than one tooth requires cosmetic dentistry, a dental bridge may be the answer.  A bridge consists of two crowns on each side of a gap and may be supported by either your natural teeth or dental implants with a false tooth in-between.  Patients may then enjoy a restored smile, the ability to chew and speak properly and prevent any remaining natural teeth from shifting out of position.  Your cosmetic and restorative dentistry service may require additional techniques to fully achieve your desired look.

Patients of Cosmopolitan Dental may expect to enjoy their dental bridges from 5 – 15 years or longer with careful and thorough oral hygiene combined with regular checkups.  To see if dental crowns and bridges are the service you may need to enhance your beautiful, healthy smile, contact our Manhattan cosmetic dental office.  Cosmpolitan Dental may be reached either via our website at or by calling (646) 291-2710 with any questions regarding crowns, bridges or to set up a convenient appointment.  Our office may also be reached by emailing

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