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Did you know that regular dental visits do more than just clean teeth, but in fact actively prevent cavities and gum disease from ever happening to you? Beautiful and healthy teeth do not start with your permanent teeth, they begin at a young age when patients begin to grow the very first teeth they will ever use in their new lives. Pediatric teeth are just as important as adult teeth, and their care is tantamount to the health and beauty of the adult teeth they will grow into later in life. To find out how you can insure your young son or daughter can grow into a beautiful smile, parents should be sure to visit the offices of their local Murray Hill family dentist at the welcoming offices of Cosmopolitan Dental.

Family Dental Office Murray Hill

Family Dental Office Murray Hill

Parents are always on top of the regular medical check-ups need to receive vaccinations and dietary checks as they grow, but few are aware of the fact that children need to be examined by their professional Murray Hill family dentist as early as three years of age. Children are highly susceptible to tooth decay due to the amounts of sugar present in much of their diets, from the fructose occurring naturally in baby food and even naturally occurring sugars in breast milk and baby formula. No matter how healthy your child’s diet may be, sugar is found nearly everything children eat. Sugars then break down into acids which spread tooth decay and cause cavities. Primary teeth are far weaker than permanent teeth, possessing a larger pulp changer which allows cavities to turn into root canal infections far sooner than adult teeth do.

Regular cleanings from your trusted Murray Hill family dentist work to remove harmful build-ups, treat cavities as needed, and also include fluoride rinses after every cleaning. Fluoride is the only mineral know to dentistry to actively work to rebuild enamel and strengthen teeth against tooth decay, but too much of this mineral can be harmful. As such, fluoride rinses should ever by administered by your professional pediatric dentist. Your doctor can also answer all of your questions about healthy eating habits, and provide advice and how to help kids maintain healthy oral hygiene habits at home that will work to keep teeth clean and healthy in-between visits.

For oral health care that truly works to accommodate the unique needs of patients of all ages, be sure to take your children to the experts at your local Murray Hill family dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of the Cosmopolitan Dental utilize the latest technology with a personal touch to insure the best care possible. With regular visits to the Cosmopolitan Dental you can insure beautiful smiles for the whole family for life.

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