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There are plenty of things you can make a routine in order to ensure that your dental health is always at its best. At home routines such as brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth with fluoride or other mouthwashes everyday can significantly help fight the buildup of plaque on your teeth enamel and fight the development of gingivitis or more serious periodontal disease. But it is also important that you schedule annual visits and/or biannual dental cleanings here with our Murray Hill dentist at Cosmopolitan Dental.

Dental Exams Murray Hill

Dental Exams Murray Hill

Regular dental visits with our Murray Hill dentist, Dr. Garo Nazarian, can significantly help and improve your dental health. Biannual cleanings are recommended since they help get rid of stubborn plaque buildup that normal toothbrushes cannot get rid of sufficiently. Additionally, it is removed from those hard to reach or clean areas, such as the very back of the mouth. Your dentist or dental hygienist can also provide you with a fluoride rinse to help ensure that your tooth enamel has the nutrients it needs to stay strong and resilient against bacteria and fight decay. But routine visits here at Cosmopolitan Dental are vital as well. These thorough examinations help Dr. Nazarian properly monitor your health from visit to visit.

One such tool to help keep track of any changes are dental x-rays. Dental x-rays provide your Murray Hill dentist with a visual documentation of your mouth and teeth, helping him identify if any new anomalies have occurred such as hard to see cavities. Additionally, dental x-rays can provide information regarding the movement of teeth. This comes especially in handy when monitoring the progress of new teeth in children and teens and in the eruption of the wisdom teeth in young adults. Dental x-rays provide a map that can tell where teeth will grow and what direction they are moving in, indicating if any future complications may arise.

Visit us here at Cosmopolitan Dental today to have our Murray Hill dentist, Dr. Garo Nazarian, thoroughly examine and care for your teeth. Regular visits are the number one tool dentists have when it comes to identifying any serious conditions before they become serious, ensuring that your dental and oral health is always at its best.

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